Graphic designs and art work are a very important tool in ANY profession, and I feel this is especially true for INTERNET websites. If your website is NOT visually appealing, visitors will not stay to browse. Many websites use some form of graphics– either actual pictures or clip-art to advertise their products . . .

Shown here are some examples of business cards that I’ve designed. Both the clip-art used in the design and formatting  for printing the cards were made with the Excel® program:

I used Excel® to design several promotional items for Cat Haven of W.N.Y.  :

Shown below is an example of a double-sided business card, which has the Cat Haven of W.N.Y. logo on the front, and their mission statement on the  backside

Text Box: Depending on your computer it may take a little longer for some of the graphics to download, from my WEBSITE. I apologize  in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The clip-Art I create with Excel® CAN even be turned into a hyperlink button to OTHER websites (or to pages within the same website), as well as a link to other Excel®  databases. Feel free to click on any of these logos  to visit & learn more about some of my favorite websites.

  As an artist, I was totally put off by some of the poor quality of “clip-art” available. I knew I could probably create a far better quality, if ONLY I could figure out “how” to do it. Well, I did figure it out, I use Microsoft®  Excel®  to create all my CLIP-ART. Several friends were impressed with my work and said I should offer my skills  and knowledge to the public, and voila! Hence, was born this website. Depending upon your computer and type of internet service, it may take time to download some of the graphics from my Website. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you. I wrote a book called, The Wonderful World of Drawing with Microsoft® Excel®, for anyone interested in learning HOW to make their own clip-art using the Excel® program, however, I haven’t found a publisher interested in producing it. Interested individuals may go to my Excel BOOK page for more details on the contents of this book, or click on  picture of BOOK cover (shown below). Excel® is a wonderful PRACTICAL program,  but it’s creative capabilities are not well documented.

I can make customized clip-art for you, or I can guide you on how to make YOUR OWN clip-art. My book shows you how to create clip-art from scratch to finish using the Excel® program.

Check out my custom “clip-art” page for examples of my work that were created on the Microsoft®  Excel® program.

My customized “clip-art” designs can then be used for;


· Webpages

· Brochures/newsletters

· Letter heads

· Business cards (see below for examples)

· Any MS programs


The Excel® program can be set-up to create double sided brochures, for non-profit organizations (as shown here, the front & back views) or even for small businesses. Both the clip-art and layout of this brochure were created in the Excel® program.

Text Box: © 2005, CatHaven Of W.N.Y.

Customized Clip-Art created on Excel® can even be used for designing tee-shirts. CatHaven of WNY, has some copyrighted, tee-shirts for sale which I designed for them, using the Excel® program. If interested  in purchasing their tee-shirt, then please visit their website at– I’m happy to say that 100% of the profits from the sale of these tee’s goes directly to help support the felines in their care. These tee-shirts are currently available in either grey or black. Sizes Avail-  Small thru XLarge @ $15ea and 2X thru 3X @ $17ea.

To view a LARGER picture of just the tee-shirt design by itself, click on the tee-shirt picture, and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

to see info & history of Tonka toys  “Star Fairies” line of dolls & accessories click on clip-art logo .

To contact me:

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